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The term "healing arts" includes many more approaches to health and well-being than we are conditioned to associate with healing. Think stand-up comedy. If that's the intent, that's what happens!

The healing artist uses every moment of his or her experience,  everything at his or her disposal -- within the context of the present moment -- to effect healing transformation. That sensibility can revolve around the hub of one's primary modality of healing. Surgeons do it!

Long before there were ever the things we call "therapies", healing was something that
everyone was involved in. Such things as art, music, theatre, ritual, and ceremony wrapped around the concepts of sacred this #54heal art vision photo imagespace and community inclusion were amongst the most potent and Universal  tools. Back then, you simply worked with everything available to you.

Why not now?

Our current  head-oriented approach (and most of our healthcare "systems" suffer from it!) has produced wonderful scientific and  technological breakthroughs, but in the process has minimized the healing power of heart-centered connection. The drive toward specialization has produced generations of health care professionals who have narrowed their focus so much they've filtered out the greater picture of the human being that has come to them for help. In the process, they've also deprived themselves of the magic!

The pursuit of wellness then becomes a matter of an unspoken agreement between patient and practitioner to play the game of "Parts!" by juggling medicines, technologies and therapies to fix the broke parts, one at a time. In the process, everyone loses the feeling of being a human being in the very human pursuit of health and a sense of wholeness!

Being involved in the healing arts is not all about love and light, and it ain't easy! Especially when you lift your eyes up from the parts, look the whole being right in the eyes and see yourself!

Spirit is multi-dimensional. It will use any vehicle as a mirror. There's not a firetender around who hasn't gotten singed by getting too close to the people in his or her care. Yet, it's so common an experience that it deserves more of our attention.  

But expanding our vision of healing must include a deepening of our experience of ourselves, as well. And here you will learn ways to allow yourself to be human and still get the job done, while strengthening your powers, both personally and professionally!

What you learn here can be applied to whatever modality of healing you practice, and whatever you do in life. "firetending" is a way of relating to the world. This site is meant to be an adjunct that informs you; one that hopefully can act as a catalyst to help you better use your powers of connection and intuition for the good of the people you serve.

It is also designed to turn you on to new ways of thinking and new tools to incorporate into what you already do.

This ain't the box!

Working with the fires of spirit as a healing artist means getting close to the flames. It is there that you learn how to use everything at your disposal to both bring the blaze to full power and keep yourself safe and effective.  The goal of a firetender is to  bring light and life to others.