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Counseling and Creative Services
(Most images you see on this website can be found in larger format  in the Galleries or Slide Shows. If you'd like one or more for your own, e-mail me.)
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Counseling and Creative Services
a firetender's blog


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 "I answer to 'firetender' to remind me of my mission, which is to work with the flames of Spirit that live in myself and others.  Here is the philosophy that guides my actions:

Complete presence in the moment is the pathway to

Connection is the gateway to

Everything is a tool,

We enter the Sacred Space of healing together.

No matter what you contract me to do, it will be done with the intent that I am a vehicle through which healing energy moves.
It is your job to provide me a focus for that intention.

It is also your job to take whatever you experience with me
and find ways to help others with it.

Deal ?!"

Russ Reina,
a firetender

The healing arts have taught me the necessity of straddling two worlds: linear, left-brain thinking, planning, & organizing; and the circular, right-brain means of being with what is. My reliance on heart-centered consciousness has helped make this possible.

Choosing to work with me -- in whatever capacity -- means all that my life has taught me is put in service to you, within the context of the assignment.

Don’t expect the expected.  Do expect to explore your own heart-consciousness!  Be prepared to let it, with my contribution, direct you. Accept that part of the way I work is to request you to stretch, but always with the support and back-up you need to allow the safety necessary to make it an exploration valuable to you.

Let's gather and invent new tools for you
to use, for the good of all!

To Connect with Russ regarding his services, CLICK on a topic below and it
will send you to the appropriate e-mail.


Counseling             Russ has been offering Spiritual Counseling and consultation since 1987. He offers an eclectic
                                      mix of approaches derived from over 40 years in the healing arts, including theatre and art
                                      therapy. Click here for a more detailed view of counseling services.

 Photography        As you can see from the images on this website, Russ is working with a unique style and
                                        technique that captures the meeting of spirit and flesh in a sacred moment. He is available for
                                        portraits or photo-shoots, by contract. Please connect with him to discuss possibilities.


  Writing                  "Both the blessing and curse of my life is that I must articulate my experience" Russ says. " While
                                         having been blessed with amazing and complex experiences to articulate, I've been cursed with
                                         the agony of not being able to rest until I do my experience justice. I'll agonize as much for you!"

Speaking               Expect an unusual slant on whatever topic you would like to explore through Russ. Expect small
                                        audience inclusion with an Improv game or two thrown in for good measure. He could easily slip
                                        in an original song or two. The end goal is to connect and to leave an impact that promotes action.

 Workshops           Russ' HeART of the Healer workshop in full expression can last for seven days. It has a number
                                       of modules that can be mixed and matched to suit a particular purpose. With the end goal, once
                                       again, of connection, contact Russ for a proposal to meet the needs of you and your organization.

Performance        Currently a Singer-Songwriter doing original music, Russ completed study of  the Meisner
                                       Technique of acting taught by a graduate of Sanford Meisner's Neighborhood Playhouse in NY.
                                       He worked with improvisation for over ten years, was a semi-Pro stand-up comic, and, most
                                       recently was in a three-way tie for First Place of Maui's largest Poetry Slam -- his first!  He'll also
                                       appear as his altered-ego, Drew Kittinger, to whom Experts turn to learn how to be Experts.