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               I've been writing and performing my own music
               seriously since about Y2K. I'm just now beginning
               to integrate it into the larger picture of my relationship
               with the healing arts and this website. Stay tuned!

                Below is a music video recorded at the largest
                anti-war, pro-peace art demonstration in the U.S.
                since before the beginning of the conflict in Iraq! 
                It was put together in an incredibly
brief period of
                time, held here on Maui and
attracted over 600
                works of art from local artists.

                A huge venue completely dedicated to the theme, it                 ran for about a month and became a temporary center
                for activism on the island with information and com-
                munity related events, along with music.

                In this video, I take you on a journey through the rooms                 of the exhibit as I sing Stop Killing Our Children.

              You can put me on record : I don't beleive we, as
              a species, are evolved or
ready enough to give up 
              this nonsense we call War.

              We are still no more than animals who claim our
              human part seeks peace. We continue to insist we
              have the wisdom, intelligence and tools to attain it.

              But, until we stop expending our resources to kill
              the innocent, we are no more than savages.  The
              truth is, the murder of children is used to create a
              tactical advantage over the opponent. It is not
              "collateral damage" as claimed. It is an accepted
              cost of doing business. We can say "NO!" to that.

               What if we declared our humanity by insisting ALL
               children under age 13 be removed from the sites
               of war? ANY person, of high or low rank respon-
for the death of a child during wartime would
               have commited a crime against humanity by
               placing the child in harm's way.

                Don't like it? Find me a better place to start. 

only I had one song to sing, this would be it.