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the story of this...

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Now, let's set the scene:

  There is a sacred place
on a remote island.

During sacred times, spirits
of all kinds gather
there to play.

Drums are their common heartbeat.

Fire plays host.  Its job is connection. 

Presiding over all, it
comes and goes in and
out of all dimensions as
it pleases, shape-shifting
as it does so.

Peeling darkness away;
it reveals the wonder.


WELCOME! It's wonderful that you're here!

Here's a site you can come to again and
again, for FREE, to strengthen your
connection with your still, small voice
inside. It consists of images and tips on
how to use them.

Unlike images on Tarot cards or the like,
these images have no interpretations attached
to them until you see them. The only book
you have to refer to is what is written in your
heart; these images are here to help
you follow that voice where it leads you.

Here's how they arrived:

In May of 2005, a man with 35 years experience in the healing arts sat down at his computer to print out photos he took at drum and fire gatherings on the island of Maui, Hawai'i, his home.

Everything went wrong. As he began printing he was stunned to see the pictures he was sure he took were not what was coming
out of the printer. At first, he was ready to throw his computer and

printer out the window! But he looked again...and again and each time he was drawn deeper...not into them, but into himself. There was sohealer medic much going on  than he ever could have captured by design. He resolved to learn how to work with them. He literally turned to them to teach him what they were meant to do. Russ began using them with others and himself and he realized what was happening:  These images were guideposts without directions until YOU read them!

"Eventually," Russ says, "I started working with them because they elicited so many multi-layered responses from  the  people who were viewing them. And everyone kept asking me, 'What is this?'  as if I knew!

The only words that came to me were from my Brooklyn past. What usually happened was the person would see a metaphor in the image for something that they were going through in that moment. All I could say was 'Tell me more...'. Then, something would connect that offered clarity to them. Once that started to happen consistently, I only had one answer for those who questioned me; 'This, is this.'"

Perhaps it would be useful to just go right to the images.
In this way, you can, without being told anything else, see how they touch you.
  STORY IMAGES will get you to the
picture viewer.

Images from the story of this... tend to strike deep primal and archtypal chords that lend themselves to progressively deeper explorations of self, in the moment. (For an Expert's opinion, go HERE!) You will find many thematic connections amongst the images here that will have special significance to your particular situation at the time you view them.

These images are here to help you access YOUR still-small voice in the moment. Since YOU are the final arbiter of their meaning, I've prepared a little guide to help you get the most out of your experience with them.

   If you'd like to learn more how to work with these images, check out these TIPS

  If you'd prefer to work with, or view a particular image,
THUMBNAILS are here.