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Images for Healing
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(Most images you see on this website can be found in larger format  in the Galleries or Slide Shows. If you'd like one or more for your own, e-mail me.)
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TO Images for Healing THUMBS

 There's a difference between the images here and those of the series called the story of this...

Images for Healing are the result of my using the techniques I learned during the production of the story of this... At the time that I took the shots in that series, I had no idea how the technical difficulties I ran into with my computer and printer would influence the shots that I thought I was taking.

That means there was very little "me" in the planning of the end product that became the story of this...

To give you one example, there are a number of images that I have in the story of this... whose camera settings and lighting conditions I am unable to reproduce...I still don't know how they got there!

 ...and that is why images from that series are used in my deep metaphor work, and the reason I feel driven to offer them up to anyone to use for their own health and well-being. and provide directions to do so.

Images for Healing
are guided by my orientation as a healer and still exhibit many of the "here/not here" characteristics of
the story of this..., yet, they have a consciousness of technique that, for me, anyway places them into a slightly different category.

I guess it's up to you to decide what that might be.

So, I invite you to spend some time with the picture viewer and these images. Explore your relationship with healing, and if you are interested in having any for your own, e-mail me!.

TO Images for Healing PICTURE VIEWER

TO Images for Healing THUMBS