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The heART of the Healer
a workshop/retreat on the island of Maui

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The HeARTof the Healer (HoH) is a workshop/retreat for healers of any orientation. It is designed to strengthen whatever skills, tools, or experiences of healing you use in your life and/or work.

The work is based on these principles.

Complete presence in the moment is the
path to connection.

Connection is the gateway to healing.
Everything is a tool.
We enter the Sacred room of healing together.

       This workshop uses a sequence of fun and stimulating
      acting, improvisation and theatre games in combination
 with art and music and "be here/now" exercises.Culmulatively, they considerably enhance your ability to be 100% present in  
        the moment with yourself, what you are doing, and the
                               people with whom you interact. 

Your ability to establish deeper connections with yourself and others will increase considerably.  Through this process of fine-tuning your ability to connect, you will find a significant increase in your intuitive abilities.

These exercises have been modified, adapted and/or created from years of experience (beginning 1969) in the arts (including healing and performance) to help you strengthen your muscles of preparation, observation and choice.  This helps you to be more  intuitive with, and responsive to the people with whom you are connecting, therefore, increasing your effectiveness.

Working with words, art, sound and music, we exercise your
Left and Right brain (thinking/feeling) abilities and strengthen their potential to work in unison for the benefit of healing.
Through that process, we strengthen your ability to mobilize
your heart- consciousness to help you use better the healing
tools you have at your disposal.

This retreat is limited to twelve participants at a time.  It is intense, yet paced so that there's plenty of  time for everyone  to connect with each other and also to enjoy the bounty of activities that are available on the island of Maui, where I live and work. 

This workshop can be custom designed to fit the
orientation of your particular group!