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 * HeartJourney
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Nothing offered on this website is meant to be a substitute for advice from other qualified and/or licensed professionals.  

At all times, rely on your own judgment, and seek support from those with whom you feel confident. If you have any doubts, seek guidance before you take an advised action, and never, ever endure.

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as offered by Russ Reina, a firetender


My experience in the healing arts began in 1969, most likely as an extension of my own personal recovery from childhood abuse. I traveled from nursing home orderly to paramedic to firetender for an indiginous medicine family to writer, to stand-up comic, to spiritual counselor, to bodyworker and Reiki practitioner, to workshop facilitator, to musician, and today, a tour guide. Through it all I've been taught something important: We enter the sacred space of healing together.

My services are available for anyone.  I have a special focus on working with healers in areas regarding professional or spiritual crisis/burnout, and soon will be training trainers to carry on the work. 

I work with individuals, couples (or other configurations of relationships!), or groups.  What follows is an overview of some of the more specific things I incorporate into the work.

Understanding that there is no such thing as a quick fix,
I still have no attachment to you
multiple sessions with me.



e-mail to schedule an appointment for a FREE 15-minute to 1/2 hour Consultation (on your phone bill!).  After that, schedule and pay for consultation services in advance, via PAYPAL. We'll talk about the donation at that time.   Below are the median numbers, on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. I will ask you if the median donation works easily, if so, you will then be asked to contribute more, to help others who could use the help. Phone counseling sessions can employ any number of tools or approaches.


Empowers you to utilize images from the firetender web site as stimulants to deeper understanding of self. You’ll need to have a computer with an t13 heal therapy counsel art respite maui vacation crisisinternet connection that will also allow you to use the phone at the same time. The $130.00 package consists of the following parts:


One-half hour or so building connection, discussing intent and an exercise to help you access your heart-consciousness. We’ll then schedule the next one-hour sessions.


Place your call and you'll be guided from there. This first session’s goal is to work with the metaphors the images bring up (the story of this...) and identify things in the way of you realizing your potential in the present moment, and then determining an action step that can be taken to begin to shift your direction. You’ll be asked to commit to some form of action and then we'll schedule another session.

  C)         METAPHOR SESSION #2

After a brief check-in, you’ll go back to the images for further exploration. The facilitator may add a special page of images for you to work with. Here, you will take the last weeks’ work one level deeper, with the purpose of identifying a core issue or central concept that can be worked with to help you be more present in each moment, within the context of your intent.



These sessions last about one hour each and are available for when you need a bit of facilitation as you work with the images. Available only to those who’ve gone through the Three Part Image Metaphor Counseling Sessions. Median sliding scale $50.00 per hour.


Did you know that Maui has been the center of the healing arts for the Hawaiian Islands
for 1,500 years?  This is not just advertising hype!

It is here that many Kahuna (expert) class in all levels of treatment of the Kanaka Maoli (original people) gathered. In fact the chiefs (Alii) and Kings (M'oi) of the islands would travel here to
rest, recuperate, recharge, heal and revitalize under the direction of their favored healers.

Why are healers drawn here so? This island literally attracts them from all over the world,
making it oft cited as the Number 1 island tourist destination for health and well-being.

 As freaky as it sounds, there may be a literal reason. Science is helping us to realize the beneficial effects of magnetism on health, well-being and healing. Haleakala (House of the Sun, Maui's inactive volcano) is one of the most magnetically charged locations on the planet Earth!

The work I do is supercharged by the natural beauty and energies of this island.
If you come here on a healing journey, perhaps I'd be useful as a facilitator
to help you get the most out of your time here.

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES:  Spiritual Counselor would be a sufficient description of what I do. As a paramedic I was trained and a member of a number of Psychiatric Emergency Teams and Crisis Intervention Units in Florida and California for about ten years. I counsel out of my home AND often include road/water trips. I use an eclectic mix of tools -- most of which are designed to empower the person in the present moment, and to help them build the strength to continue to keep their focus there. For a better understanding, you may want to check out the orientation of my workshop the heART of the Healer.

HeARTJourney (tm) pending

This is an intensive experience that combines elements of journeying with chakra and metaphor work, mediatedt37 maui heal counsel therapy art by a form of muscle-testing.  It is based on my studies with Jamie Campbell and Deborah Riverbend , originators of the Naka-Ima series of workshops.  It can include explorations of past lives, spirit work or mythic work.

Depending on the intensity of the exploration, figure a session will take anywhere from two to three hours.  If we go real deep, like in a HeartJourney, make sure you have the next twenty-four hours relatively free of responsibility so you can assimilate your experience.


If you're in crisis we throw form out the window until we can
re-establish your connection with the present moment.

  Plan a Rejuvenating 5 - 7 day Vacation on Maui that Includes Healing Sessions! 
                 (You make arrangements for your transportation, lodging, food and car rental.) 
      a. After free consult, propose a range of dates you can vacation

      b. Coordinate with my availability to schedule sessions                    heal maui counsel burnout help vacation
      c. Be prepared to schedule:
          *  Initial 1 hour, person-to-person intake session,
                close to time of arrival on island (could go longer)
          *  One approximate 3 hour session (can be broken into
                smaller sessions - but count on at least one intensive!)
          *  Plan on having few responsibilities for the next day
               (I will make sure I am available for you)
          *  Two more sessions of up to three hours each, can be 
                broken into smaller sessions
          *    "Closure" session of about one hour
     d. Spend the balance of your time doing things you wish to do. 
     I may ask you
to go to specific places or do certain activities as part of our work.
    e. Figure about 11 hours in session with me. 
    f. A typical donation would be in the $500 range (median, sliding) for the full package.


                      *               *                *                 *               *               * 

Are You A Health Care (or other) Professional Who Is Burned Out, Or In Crisis? 
             Well, maybe it's time to pull the plug and take off to an island somewhere.
             How about Maui for an Intensive?

                Here's the skeleton of the deal:  You schedule a 5 - 7 day stay on Maui (that will coordinate with
                my schedule) and we hang out together.  Set up a base for yourself, and we'll work out a
                schedule that t25 heal counsel maui vacation crisisincludes solitary, R & R time for you, a number of full or half-day road-trips with me
   while we  "do the work," sessions with me, and phone consults. 
   It does not mean I'm yours 24/7 , but it does mean my focus,
   while you are here, will be to help orchestrate a theme of
   counseling --  with my personal attention -- that will help ease you
   through whatever transition you're being called on to face.  You'll
   have my availability for the time you're here.

   This could look like anything, from house-calls to your hotel room
   as you chill
out and recuperate, to trips to sacred sites, to
   kayaking or snorkeling (possibly with dolphins and/or whales), to
                 encounter sessions.   Be prepared to be asked to follow through on assignments, some of
                 which might seem weird, but in some cases, I just do what I'm told!

                I consider this time with you as an opportunity to enter sacred time and space that is a ritual
                with a beginning, middle and end.  The time
will be designed to help you replenish lost energy
                and reach clarity.  Actually, much focus will be spent on helping you to assess “Whose energy
                are you using in your work, your personal energy or the energy of life?”

    My attitude is that I am participating in a very pivotal period of your life that will affect many
                others for a long time to come.  As such, I treat the experience as a Sacred Trust.

                Basic donation would be in the $1,000 range -- and expenses -- for the seven day period.