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A Note On Finding a Place for The Healing Arts
At first, Healing Arts wasn't even listed as a primary topic in the article banks I was working with. I had two categories from which to choose: either "Medicine" (Western "Allopathic" Medicine), or what's broadly termed "Alternative."

The "either/or" aspect of it was frustrating.
The theme of my work is about identifying and strengthening the abilities of all healers to transform illness into health through connection, regardless of the modalities they employ. My "audience" would be in both camps, yet, I had to "categorize" each article.  I had to pick a side!

Authors like me establish their "expertise" by having articles viewed by a targeted audience in a specific category. That's "niche marketing". That's about business, not about reaching people who are hungry to come to terms with what the role of Healer means to them. Those folks straddle all lines.

Few Allopaths
describe themselves as practitioners of the healing arts. They are inundated by materials about therapies and techniques. If my credentials were accepted and got me into their journals (doubtful), most likely my subject matter would boost me right out! The truth is, those are the folks I most want to reach. They're the ones burning out left and right because they've lost perspective of themselves as healers.

A search of  "Healing Arts," showed me it's identified with Alternative therapies and creative arts as in "Art Therapy". It hasn't quite caught on as the "bridge" between Allopathic and Alternative that I envision it as becoming. If that means excluding  allopathy as a healing art, then my audience isn't there, either.

So I've had to look at where conversations about some of the things I talk about have already begun. That seems to be happening more on the Alternative side of the fence. What that means is Allopaths who are interested in broadening their views of themselves as healers would most likely go to Alternative sources to explore the territory in more detail.

This is why most of  these articles on what I see as the Healing Arts (below) are under the category of Alternative Medicine.

    heal medic emergency counsel art mauiAll the individual articles that follow are distributed over the internet in electronic magazines and newsletters world-wide through my account with E-zinearticles.com  By clicking on the icon to the left, you will be sent to a complete inventory of my works on the healing arts. This site has an easy-to-use RSS feed system to make it easy for you to add my work to your publications.

    • A Healer's Meditation on Enlightenment
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] A question came up about all the people in the world whose present moments center around suffering. So many people on this planet are dealing with starvation, abuse, and wars and on and on... how could their present moments be a path to anything but pain, while we, here, get to debate about things like Enlightenment?

    • A Healer's Meditation On Whirlpools (Pt II)
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] While watching the birth, life and death of a whirlpool as I cleaned out a hot tub, I got a glimpse into how there is nothing but the impermanent coming together of forces. And now, I'm wondering about being on the inside and outside of the healing process.

    • Saga Of A Firetender
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] All of the individual paths that I had thought I had been on in my life were just one big Superhighway designed to exercise, channel and direct my powers as an articulator of the world of the healing arts. I just happened to be bouncing from guardrail to guardrail, across and under lanes and back again, moving forward, and by the grace of the Gods, not hitting anything substantial.

    • A Healer's Meditation On Whirlpools Part I
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The act of my cleaning a hot tub a few years ago has now become the hub of an experience that reached back from there forty years and then sprung forward to this very moment. A whirlpool becomes a metaphor for the sacred cycle of life.

    •  A Healer's Meditation On Me As You
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Just like you, I am an organism whose sense of self is dependent upon billions of individual cells. Each of these cells is fulfilling its purpose. There is so little variation between the cells that are you and the cells that are me, all that's left is the illusion of difference.

    •  A Healer's Meditation On the Written Word
      [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Here you will find words that represent the cumulative experience of my lifetime, focused on a theme. It is a one-track experience of the complexity that is me. You actually get to experience a side of me that is organized, literal, and maybe more cogent and potent than you'd find if we actually met in person!

    Politics, Profits and Professionalism
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The early history of the standard-bearer for the medical profession (AMA) illustrates how arbitrary partisanship significantly limits our choice in health care modalities.
  • A Still-Small Voice in Action
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] I'm appalled, like so many others, by this miasma that is Iraq, but the best way I've identified to contribute to peace has been to focus more and more of my attention on what I can create that offers healing.
  • The Ambulance As A Vehicle For Alternative Concepts
  • [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] It was in the back of an ambulance that I was introduced to some of the more esoteric concepts of healing and also found my powers as a healer.
  • Who Is a Healer?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] It goes on all the time, all around you. People are finding ways to use who they are in the moment to move others forward.
  • Ritual, Sacred Space and the Healing Environment
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The use of ritual and the creation of sacred space can be means to the end of effecting healing transformation.
  • Preparation and the Healing Environment
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] By preparing yourself for the time that you will be with a person, you often can be significantly more effective. As simple as it sounds, this is something many of us too easily forget.
  • When Healing Becomes a Commodity
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The skewed concept of values that our society impose on us takes many of us further away from "the work" and deeply entrenches us into the mechanics of selling it.
  • The Problem With Compassion
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] According to the actions of many of our teachers, compassion unleashed is considered a detriment to effective care.
  • The HeART of Spirituality
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] "Anything I learned, I learned in the back of an ambulance." What once was almost a flippant comment has actually become a touchstone for my life.
  • Healer, Heal Thyself!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Were you to spend time with me, there are any number of you who'd think I'm not someone whom you'd expect to be a healer!
  • The Most Revealing Interview of Ram Dass You'll Ever Read
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] This interview first appeared in January 2006 in Voice of Choices magazine, distributed in Seattle, Sedona, and Maui
  • A Firetender's Lesson, Part One - Surrender and the Sweat Lodge
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The first installment of five parts. During the 1990's, the author assisted an Oglala medicine family as firetender for sacred ceremonies, at times while living with them on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. It was there that he learned the inextricable link between healing and intent. He also learned firsthand the importance of having respect for ancient traditions and their power. In five parts.
  • Head, Hands and Heart: Part Two, The Path To the Heart
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Part Two explores how the author inadvertently followed a path in alternative medicine and the arts and community-living that taught him how to help people utilize the power of connection in their work. It includes an exercise in heart-consciousness for you to try.
  • Head, Hands and Heart: Part One, A Paramedic's Journey
  • [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] This article speaks to the discovery that the allopathic medical system, as he was exposed to it while a paramedic, tends to create and reinforce "Flesh Mechanics" as opposed to Healers. Part One explores how the author came to discover the subtle, yet powerful difference between the two.


  • Exploring Heart-Consciousness, Part 1; The Poets Know It
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] The first installment of an eight-part series. It is designed to build both a theoretical and experiential foundation to help you to recognize the difference between brain-centered and heart-centered consciousness.
  • 18 Things Healers Learn; Introduction
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] This first installment of a 20 part series addresses some of the principles, ideas and ways of being that healers throughout the ages have worked with in their callings -- as applied to today's "culture" of health-care.  
  • Tug of War
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Participating in the life/death struggle exposes you to aspects of yourself that would almost seem impossible to come to terms with. But you do because you have to. Here, I ask, "Am I a healer or an agent of Death."

GRIEF AND LOSS -- From Pain To Power

  • Oh, Joy!
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] And here, the writer muses on how it is the power of opposites that makes life tick.
  • Moments, a Sporadic Series
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] It’s all about being in the moment, isn’t it? And what does it look like when we explore the moment?
  • Suicide, Part One; The Big "Why?"
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] This is a three-part series that offers a view of suicide borne of many years of working in emergency services and crisis-intervention. It asks the reader to become more willing to face the suicidal as real people who are examining real options, and then helping them to build a relationship with the moment that will carry them to the next step.
  • Turning Sh*t Into D*amonds, Part One; The Roots of Grief
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] This is a three-part story about transforming a personal childhood of abject negativity into a tool useful for others. It offers a theory of child development that sheds light on how we form the decisions of our lives.
  • The Apathetic Activist Deals With A World Gone Mad (Pt. 2)
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] Here, he looks at decisions he made that allowed him to contribute to strengthening the will to live in both he and the world.
  • The Apathetic Activist Deals With A World Gone Mad (Pt. 1)
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] As a child, this author, like many of his generation, had to find a way to find the will to live in a world that was hell-bent on self-destruction.
  • Katrina Whispered Something: Can You Hear It?
    [Self-Improvement:Grief-Loss] We, especially in the US, live under the illusion that life is forever, that suffering is aberrant and that all will come out well in the end, not to mention that we are the heroes of the world. This is not reality. Members of the core First Responder agencies entrusted with the care of the rest of us know this better than most. Our culture demands that they suffer with this knowledge alone. Are we learning anything?


   But, then again, maybe you're sick and tired of all this healing arts stuff and just want to LAUGH!! 
   If so, check out Drew Kittinger, who once was an expert who taught experts how to be Experts
   but then found himself  answering to the Expert of Experts. (remember to sort the articles from
   oldest for best sequence!)